Amazing Family and Friends,

It's that time again. It's RED Week. A time were we can come together for 6 Days of Active Impact. #redweek #rbd

March 26th Meal on me Monday
Go to your favorite restaurant (drive thru or have a seat), order your meal, pay for yours and the person/family in the car behind you or seated near. Give the person serving you (2 cards), one to keep and one to give the car behind or person/family that you are blessing. Share your story with us and use #redweek #mealonme.

March 27th Talk to your neighbor Tuesday
Do you know your neighbor? What about the person in your neighboring cubicle? Let’s change that! Exchange stories, share grace and let’s learn from one another. Share your story with us and use #redweek #talktoyourneighbor

March 28th Worship Wednesday
Make plans to worship with us today.
Location: Clear view Church #worshipwednesday

March 29th Thoughtful Thursday
Your words have POWER! Have you shared with those you love what they mean to you? Pick up the phone and call 3 people who have changed your life for better. Share your story with us and use #redweek #thoughtfulthursday

March 30th Do Something Good Friday
We’re going to give away RED grocery bags filled to capacity for families in our city. Pick up a RED bag on Sunday 3/11 and drop off your bag at the following locations and times:
Thursday 3/15 at 7pm : Amazing Church Offices
Sunday 3/18: YMCA, Amazing Church Worship Experience
Thursday 3/22 at 7pm: Amazing Church Offices
Share your story with us by using #dosomethinggoodfriday

March 31st Setup Saturday
Your hands will make the difference every Saturday in the lives of people who will encounter God and a refreshing experience every Sunday. Join us at the YMCA for #setupsaturday

“We are stronger together, better with more and faster when we are in agreement” - Derrick A. Golden