Our Story

Our journey began with an in-home Bible study in 2007, with 34 people who were ready to discover and provide a place where people, just like you could Learn, Love, Live and Experience God! Pastors Derrick and Ilya dared to believe God and moved in faith to form a ministry in McKinney, Texas. The first service was held on October 14, 2007 at Bennett Elementary School. As their work and commitment to God continued, Pastors Derrick and Ilya were ordained by Bishop I.V.Hillard and Pastor Bridgette Hilliard of New Light Christian Center Church and Pastors Eben and Sara Conner of Word Of Truth Family Church. Over the next eight years, the ministry relocated numerous times to accommodate rapid growth in the congregation.

In 2014, Derrick visited a conference that inevitably changed his life. The ARC event gave him insight into what having an impactful ministry was all about. A God experience that allows people to live in freedom everyday and simultaneously create a community of believers who cared for their city and the people in it. After prayer, fasting, soul searching and in a hotel room in Florence, Alabama, Amazing Church was birthed.

Our vision for Amazing Church is to restore hope and love people to life. It's to see the church rise and be the standard of living where we can all find our paths to live out our purpose for being on the planet with passion, vigor and fun. We want to see cities transformed by people who love God and love people and the unique amazing differences that He's placed in all of us; taking what we do and create cities of Heaven, cities of Zion where the church is the center and heartbeat of what's happening and the people that are gathered in His name make a difference in the lives of people we touch. We believe that we can be a church that loves beyond our preferences and lives beyond ourselves.

The impact we want to have is a revolution of how we do church and the gathering of people to eradicate how differences separate us and use them to strengthen us. We want to see the outcast find inclusion and the left out to find a place to grow.

Over the course of this journey, God has remained faithful and never ceases to amaze this ministry. We invite you to see for yourself how Amazing the church experience can be when people are free to go after God with passion!